The research group “Television and Cinema; Memory, Representation and Industry” (TECMERIN) is part of the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Universidad Carlos III of Madrid. Initially, during the year 2006, it focused on the study of television, a novel fact within academic scholarship in Spain.

In the first stage of its existence, TECMERIN published several works of remarkable impact and obtained several competitive projects (National Plan I+D+i, contributed to the consolidation of research groups in the Comunidad of Madrid-UC3M) related to the history, identity and representation on television and worked on the establishment of integrated actions and collaborations (Art. 83, LOU) with other Spanish and foreign universities as well as other institutions, organizing also six workshops and scientific seminars.

In 2010, the group widened its scope to deal with the cinema and other audiovisual industries. This is greatly due to the fact that, from a methodological point of view, it is difficult to isolate these different fields of study due to the fact that, both at the thematic and industrial levels, they are strongly related. The research projects I+D+i “Cinema and Television in Spain during the post-Transition (1979-1992) and “Cultural and Audiovisual Diversity: Good Practices and Indicators”, which are part of TECMERIN and are currently ongoing, stem from these concerns. In addition, the group has also done extensive research on transnational processes tied to geopolitics and the digitalization of the audiovisual sector, the social representation in cinema and television, audiovisual co-productions, public and industrial policies, and technological integration and accessibility.

One of the goals of the research group is to increase its internationalization. This is why we have started several projects and collaborative actions with Latin America and Europe. In addition, we have systematically received the visit of researchers from different countries (Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Croatia, the United States, France, the United Kingdom…).

In the last years, we have also given importance to the development of the processes of oral history through “Cuadernos Tecmerin”. These publications, done in collaboration with other institutions, openly reflect, through a series of in-depth interviews, on the work of professionals and scholars within the audiovisual sector.

Our last project is the website you are now visiting. Through tecmerin.es we try to offer a space of reflection and information on the fields we research. It is a different way of transferring knowledge to society and giving value to the research work undertaken by this group at Universidad Carlos III of Madrid.

Getafe, March 2015


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